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Recognizing your Soulmate: The Soul Connection that will leave you speechless

"A soulmate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul, to do the emotional work of self-discovery, of awakening."

Kenny Loggins

The idea of The One dates back to the ancient Greeks. Aristophanes, a Greek playwright, reveals that we were once a strange breed of asexual beings. We used to be a whole with two faces and four arms and legs. Zeus was threatened by these powerful beings, which is why he split them in two. As a result, two beings were doomed to the race of always seeking their better half.

But what does a soulmate mean in our today's fast-paced world? Well, it depends! When you say soulmate, your mind starts and describes that powerful bond formed between two individuals. It refers to a special connection, understanding, and agreement. The term itself describes a fantastic experience of allowing yourself into the mythical Greek story of soulmates. But to reunite with your wandering soul, you have to do the hard work. Only a few people resonate with each other, so sometimes it isn't easy to have a relationship with someone. From a psychological standpoint, a soulmate relationship is more than a fairytale.

Psychologists agree that a soulmate relationship depends on numerous factors to thrive. Nonverbal and verbal contact is key between soulmates. And as you can probably know already, when you are tuned into another human, you can pick various subtleties of communication. Facial expression, body language, and your partner's vibe can tell you everything you need to know about them. But does this mean we achieve soulmate status when expressing an innermost feeling by just looking at our loved one?

Well, maybe or maybe not. It isn't enough to discover our soulmate. We need to learn how to rediscover ourselves alongside our better half. The One might serve numerous purposes in our lives. A soulmate can teach us how to be forgiving and understanding. And a solid ground of communication and understanding almost always leads to an intense connection. Two people who understand each other without words isn’t something that just happens overnight. It comes with a lot of emotional work, self-discovery, and awakening. It’s all about understanding your past trauma and learning how to love yourself. But, of course, this isn’t a general rule. Each soulmate relationship has its particularities. Self-discovery can help build such connection since it allows you to learn more about your flaws and how to love them. Emotional work can help you find comfort and understand the lesson your trauma teaches you. And awakening offers a new perspective on your relationships with others. It is safe to say that this thorough process is meant to teach us how to become better in expressing ourselves.

How do soulmates find each other?

A soulmate is a person that comes from the same soul family as yours. It is natural to feel attracted to a specific individual, and it tells you your energies are ready to meet once again. But there is one thing you should acknowledge! You will meet your soulmate only when you're ready to receive them in your life. It implies a lot of time for healing, learning, and growing into someone ready for a high-quality relationship.

Of course, sometimes you form such a powerful bond with someone you grew up together. Friends from childhood or adolescence can turn out to be irreplaceable. And psychologists say this happens because you both went through distinct life phases together. You've been there for each other and got the chance to truly know your true self. Trust is built and comes with years of experience and memories. In psychoanalytic terms, this is a type of idealism thrown upon the other person. And you can't control it! So, this is why some people who grow up together end up spending their entire life together.

Soulmates aren't just romantic partners!

A soulmate can come into your life exactly when it feels like it's the perfect timing. And usually, this doesn't mean you'll meet a romantic partner. Instead, soulmates go beyond childhood friends transformed into lovers. The idea of soulmates is that you'll meet a person with whom you'll share an intense connection.

A soulmate can be a family member, an old friend, or even a business partner. And if it were to ask someone how they would define a soulmate, they would struggle. It is challenging to put in words what a soulmate means for a person. We all see the world from a different perspective, and a soulmate can be there to support us, guide us, or love us.

Recognizing your soulmate: the connection that will leave you speechless!

As you can see, a soulmate can literally be defined as a powerful connection between two souls. But the question that lingers unanswered is how to recognize your soulmate. Sometimes it can be not very clear. Other times it can be more straightforward than you think. However, there are some key points that can guide you towards an answer!

  1. A soulmate is that person who matches your energy, which makes you feel at home, and have similar, if not identical, value systems.

  2. It is that person who is supportive, giving and understanding, but never judges your actions.

  3. It is that individual who you trust beyond any doubt.

  4. You feel good to be yourself around them, and you are ready to show your true self.

  5. You understand each other without words, and there is nothing that could stand between your connection.

  6. A soulmate knows you better than anyone else around you, and they know how you would react no matter the situation you're in.

  7. They always offer support, encourage you to follow your dreams and accomplish achievements. If you need someone to hold your hand, that person is there to offer emotional, physical, and mental support.

  8. They are honest and open with you, without hiding the truth. You'll notice that your soulmate is always there to open your eyes if you're about to do something wrong.

  9. The minute you saw them, you knew you'd known them forever. And, of course, you don't need daily contact to keep your connection alive.

  10. Both of you share a lot of respect and mutual admiration. You acknowledge each other, you value your bond, and you experience unique emotional intimacy.

Building a soulmate connection is more important than you think!

As you can see, a soulmate relationship can easily be described similarly to a committed relationship. But these bonds aren't the same! Trust is key in a soulmate connection, and it has a major role during the initial stages of a relationship. At the beginning of a relationship, confidence, trust, and sharing can create a soulmate.

Psychologists say that the intensity of an intimate relationship is closely linked to the ability and desire of an individual to reveal his true self. It is all about having the courage to expose yourself, be honest, and trust that your loved one will accept who you truly are.

Building a soulmate connection is essential for us. It helps us understand emotional intimacy, self-love, and self-healing. But equally important is that it commits us to hard work. It isn't simple to completely open up and trust each other. It requires time and willingness to accept we can't be perfect human beings. And with the help of Tell Me More App you can enhance current friendships (or build new ones) and boost emotional intimacy with your soulmate. The app fosters closeness and aids you in your journey of connecting with your kindred souls.

Look around: have you found your soulmate?

A soulmate can take many forms, so you should keep your eyes wide open. We are programmed as human beings to think about a soulmate as a romantic partner. But what if you already met your better half and they are your best friend, sister or colleague?

Intuitive knowing and dynamic moves towards authenticity can attract soulmates. Remember not to rush! Soulmates meet only when the right time comes. In the meanwhile, you can focus on self-discovery, healing, and love.

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